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General - Please Click On The Question Line To See The Answers.

Yes we are pleased to pay members around the Globe.

YES, we do have a PAY IT FORWARD plan to help broke members join!
Just hover over Finace and click on balance tranfser then move funds to any member!

Be Nice help a friend you will make refer cash on what they do anyway!

You can find your promo URL link on the Overview page.
Send out your link daily not just once it will help alot.
There is a ready made email to send out, hover over Member help and click on TRAIN HELPER link.
You do NOT have to sponsor to be paid but we pay 15% if you do!
3 levels 8% and level 2 gets 5% level 3 gets 2% total 15%

FREE Members can sponsor but you have to use profits to get at least 1 spot.

* We can sponsor for you we will add real workers under you!
* Hover over members help and click on TRAIN HELPER!

We pay the BIGGEST amount of any site 15% on EACH spot your members buy ALL YEAR! * This is paid on 3 levels 8% and level 2 gets 5% level 3 gets 2% total 15%

NO Sponsoring to be paid or we can sponsor for you at the TRAIN HELPER link.

For each spot you pruchase you receive 5000 banner and 5000 text AD Creditsas the Products.

Each spot makes BIG Money so grab as many as you can at just $35.00 you will be in PROFIT FAST!
(Small % fee at time of purchase we can not help fees pay systems charge) NO FEE WITH BITCOIN!

We accept:
Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin / Dog coin / Paypal / STP / PM / Payza / Payeer and others.
* You can join one way and be paid a different way too!
We have set up the years best pay plan just click on TRAIN PAY link at top to see us in action $

YES, Admin has a cool service where we sponsor for you.
You have to be a paid member first so grab a spot!

* Hover over members help and click on TRAIN HELPER to have admin sponsor for you!
Most withdraws after approval are instant or paid within minutes or 1 to 2 hours 6 days a week.

Some pays are member to member in REAL TIME! Now that's FAST $$$

There are NO monthly fees once you grab a few spots that's it never pay again!
YES, You can grab FREE spots with your profits by clicking on purchase link.

You can also use: Cash Balance + Re-purchase Balance.

You can also: Click on add funds and top up funds you already have then buy new spots too!
Bitcoin is sometimes really slow adding funds we have NO control over how long they take.

Just please wait its all auto-matic so when funds clear you get credit don't worry.

* Please do NOT sponsor until you are active and Bitcoin funds are added to your members area.

Most programs fail after a few weeks or even days because of lack of new funds coming in from new members.
On this TRAIN OF BIT COINS we have funds from ADS members buy and our Bitcoin profit centers around the world.
* Only real paid members can see our Bit coin profit centers info / Address / Phone number contact info.

We are based out of China / Germany / London and have a massive tech team with Bit centers all over the world.
We are NOT EVER going to close, our pay systems has to many funds coming in to not pay out happy members.


You should have a account.
(Click banner at bottom of any page to get a free account)
* You can withdraw ANYWAY you want but its best to have all account filled in profile.

1. Click Coinpayments Banner below on any page of this site to get a FREE account.

2. Login to Coinpayments and click on "YOUR WALLET" link.

3. Click on GREEN BAR (BTC Options) then click DEPOSIT / RECEIVE

4. Click ADD NEW or ADD LABEL DEPOSIT. Copy that long number code.
Example:  15efnkYm66WrzXfRH319xSMa6XodCi8zEy

5. Paste that number code at TRAINCOINS profile page and save.

Cool Takes less than 2 minutes and you will get PAID FAST CASH!

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